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In August 2010, the Batman Arkham Asylum sequel, Arkham City, was given a name and a young man from the UK saw an opportunity to share his excitement for the game with people across the globe. Luke Spring created arkhamcity.co.uk on 7th August 2010 and dozens joined the site in the first few days. Luke quickly built a community of like-minded Batman fans, who were eager for news on the upcoming game and enjoyed speculating on what we might see within the walls of Arkham City. We became renouned for our ability to ferret out news and the sense of community that arose from intelligent, polite discussion. We were often sourced by sites and magazines like IGN and Total Film. We also had a good relationship with Rocksteady Studios. Luke visited them to conduct our first interview with the team and Elliott, one of our small team of moderators, was given a three hour hands on; we became the first (and as far as I am aware, only) official Arkham City fansite.

In August 2012, Luke was offered a community manager job at Codemasters based largely on the strength of his work on ACUK. Elliott also stepped down around this time to focus on his freelance software design work. The remaining moderators, CROD and Red_Robin, took charge of the site and began to look forward to the next instalment of the Batman Arkham series.

Arkhamverse.com is the next step in arkhamcity.co.uk's evolution. Opening up to the possibilities of the series' future whilst celebrating it's past. We are fully committed to bringing you the latest news on the future of the Arkhamverse and discussing the possibilites that lie in the games as well as reviewing and exploring both it's past and all things Batman in a variety of media. We want to be the one-stop-shop for all your Arkham needs. Want to know where to buy the comics? Having trouble running the game? Looking for news and rumours on the next game in the series? Want screenshots and video walkthroughs? Want fun contests and competitins to win prizes? We've got all of them ready and waiting for you. Come and join the madhouse.

If you need to contact the team about anything then you can PM Red_Robin here or e-mail here or you can PM CROD here.

Batman and all related characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were created by Rocksteady Studios. We are a FANSITE. We lay no claim on the works of Rocksteady or WB, we are simply here allow a community of fans to celebrate Batman and the Arkhamverse to the best of our ability.
If you need to contact the team about anything then you can PM Red_Robin here or e-mail here or you can PM CROD here.
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